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Iverson Forest Management
Duncan, BC, Canada

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Iverson Forest Management

Full Phase Management of Ts’aa7ukw Forestry TSL A71020:

Ts’aa7ukw Forestry, operated by the Ditidaht First Nation, retained IFMI in 2009 to manage their license TSL A71020. They were looking for a consultant who could supply a full management package in a timely, cost efficient and professional manner. Ts’aa7ukw forestry was under significant time pressure at the time, as their license was slated to expire in mid 2010, and there was still significant volume left to be harvested under the license. Compounding the problem was the fact they had almost no new blocks engineered. This was the scenario IFMI entered the scene and took over management of the license.

Over the next several months, IFMI successfully developed four cutting permits, with harvesting of all blocks on track to be completed prior to expiry of the license. This represented over 110,000 m3 of volume engineered and harvested within approximately one year.

Some of the services IFMI provided Ts’aa7ukw Forestry included reconnaissance for new blocks, road and cutblock engineering, stumpage analysis and planning, cutting permit and road permit applications, appraisal submissions, block site plans, consultation with other First Nations, development and tendering of logging and road construction contracts, negotiation with successful contract bidder, logging and road construction pre-works and supervision, liaison with log buyers, road deactivation prescriptions, waste surveys, RESULTS submissions, managing the silviculture program and implementation of a salvage program. IFMI also provided financing for the projects in conjunction with other parties.

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Fire Services

Iverson Forest management prides itself on having the largest Initial Attack Fire Crew on the coast. All our fire fighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression and forest health.

Forest Engineering

Iverson Forest Management offers a wide variety of Forest Engineering Services. We do everything from traversing, block layout, road planning, bridge planning. We can take care off all your forest management needs both on private land and urban development.

Property Management

Iverson Forest management utilizes a team of dedicated professionals to help develop the right management plan for your property. We can help with fire smarting, fire protection, to harvesting resources. Our team of Professionals will help find the best answer for all your needs.

Fire Suppression Support for Kiewit in Toba Inlet:

Kiewit contacted IFMI in 2008 to provide fire suppression services to their Toba Inlet operations to allow continued operations inside an agreement with the Ministry of Forests shut down criteria. IFMI fire crews were critical in enabling Kiewit to continue operations in Toba Inlet during the fire season by maintaining fire watch and standby crews in accordance with regulatory obligations. The crews also helped develop a Fire Pre-Organization Plan for the operation, taking into account available resources, personnel available, establishment of fire suppression protocols and the identification of hazards. The project was a success, and Kiewit invited us back to provide similar services to their Toba Inlet and Powell River operations in 2009. During the second season, we also included S-100 and S-185 training to Kiewit employees to help capacity build within their operations.

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Current Projects

BCTS Forest Management
We are currently managing many areas and projects for BCTS. We look after everything from block layout to ECAS submissions.

Special Management Projects
Iverson Forest Management is currently working with the District of Nanaimo in helping to develop Urban fire abetment programs, as well as helping to reduce the Cities chances of urban forest fires.