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Iverson Forest Management
Duncan, BC, Canada

Phone: (250) 715-1037
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Iverson Forest Management

Iverson Forest Management Inc


At Iverson Forest management Inc. our goal is to provide excellent products and services to our clients. We strive to excel in our fields, and up hold our professional reputation. Our staff pride themselves on their continuous education and skills development. We are proud to be safe certified by the BC Forest safety Council and maintain our safety at the highest level. One of our goals at Iverson Forest Management is to maintain our exemplary safety record, and to continue to help our staff and work sites meet and exceed all industry safety standards.

Iverson Forest Management Inc. is committed to making sure our employees are fully trained and certified in all aspects of forestry. This way we can provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise they have come to understand that is Iverson Forest Management Inc.

Fire Services

Iverson Forest management prides itself on having the largest Initial Attack Fire Crew on the coast. All our fire fighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression and forest health.

Forest Engineering

Iverson Forest Management offers a wide variety of Forest Engineering Services. We do everything from traversing, block layout, road planning, bridge planning. We can take care off all your forest management needs both on private land and urban development.

Property Management

Iverson Forest management utilizes a team of dedicated professionals to help develop the right management plan for your property. We can help with fire smarting, fire protection, to harvesting resources. Our team of Professionals will help find the best answer for all your needs.

To provide Industry Leading Forestry Engineering.

To maintain our exemplary Safety Record.

To provide our clients with the best professional expertise.

To maintain visual quality and environmental integrity of the forest.

To maintain forestry at a sustainable and economical level with in BC.

To help our clients develop their companies at all levels of industry.

Current Projects

BCTS Forest Management
We are currently managing many areas and projects for BCTS. We look after everything from block layout to ECAS submissions.

Special Management Projects
Iverson Forest Management is currently working with the District of Nanaimo in helping to develop Urban fire abatement programs, as well as helping to reduce the Cities chances of urban forest fires.