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Iverson Forest Management
Duncan, BC, Canada

Phone: (250) 715-1037
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Iverson Forest Management

Parks Planning


Iverson Forest Management Inc.(IFMI) has the experience and qualified staff to help plan and create your parks system. if your upgrading, adding trails or striating from the ground up. Our experience planning department can help plan and build you park. We have experience working with local government and municipalities as well as working with Federal and Province Governments. We have experience trail builders and road engineers. Our GIS department cam map the sustanable recreation area encompassing urban and natural enviromental ecology and commuunity planning polices.

Iverson Forest Management Inc. is committed to substantiality and the environment. We use the best practices and technology to help lessen the Environmental Impact to the property. We can create the Sustainable multi user recreation sites to meet teh communites needs. We can assist in public education, educational signage, maps, and other media to help direct recreational users.

Fire Services

Iverson Forest management prides itself on having the largest Initial Attack Fire Crew on the coast. All our fire fighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression and forest health.

Forest Engineering

Iverson Forest Management offers a wide variety of Forest Engineering Services. We do everything from traversing, block layout, road planning, bridge planning. We can take care off all your forest management needs both on private land and urban development.

Property Management

Iverson Forest management utilizes a team of dedicated professionals to help develop the right management plan for your property. We can help with fire smarting, fire protection, to harvesting resources. Our team of Professionals will help find the best answer for all your needs.

Current Projects

BCTS Forest Management
We are currently managing many areas and projects for BCTS. We look after everything from block layout to ECAS submissions.

Special Management Projects
Iverson Forest Management is currently working with the District of Nanaimo in helping to develop Urban fire abetment programs, as well as helping to reduce the Cities chances of urban forest fires.