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Iverson Forest Management

Iverson Online Wild Fire Training Program!

With our Online wild fire courses you can re certify your S100 Certificate, any where in Canada, or the world. As long as you have held a valid S100 certificate in the past two years you can write the Re certification test.

Our Online S100 A Re certification is designed to help you become a better wild fire fighter, as well as be fully prepared for the challenges at hand as a wild fire fighter.

Please download and print off a copy of the S100 A Re certification study material.

Once you have downloaded the study material you can start the test. You can use the Study material through out the test.

To do S100 Recertification you have had to have held a S100 certification with in the past five years. If it has been longer than 5 years you need to retake the full s100 course. By clicking the button bellow you are verifying you have held a valid S100 certificate with in the last 5 years.

Adobe PDF

By clicking yes it will take you to the test page.

How to use the test !

Make sure you have the most updated version of Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader for both the test and test material.

• Do not navigate away from the test during the test. Do not close the test.

• When you have finished the test the test will redirect you automatically.

• Make sure you have your test material ready, and have pre read the material.

• If you are using a laptop or a mobile device make sure you have a fully charged battery.

• Please answer all the questions, and fallow all the instructions during the test.

Please note you can only purchase one test at a time!


S - 100 Basic Fire Suppression
S - 185 Fire Entrapment
Power Saw Certification

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Fire Services

Iverson Forest management prides itself on having the largest Initial Attack Fire Crew on the coast. All our fire fighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression and forest health.

Forest Engineering

Iverson Forest Management offers a wide variety of Forest Engineering Services. We do everything from traversing, block layout, road planning, bridge planning. We can take care off all your forest management needs both on private land and urban development.

Property Management

Iverson Forest management utilizes a team of dedicated professionals to help develop the right management plan for your property. We can help with fire smarting, fire protection, to harvesting resources. Our team of Professionals will help find the best answer for all your needs.

Iverson Forest Management Inc. Is dose not and will not sell or release any personal information. Iverson Forest Management Inc. can not be held responsible for any computer problems during or after the testing. Iverson Forest Management Inc. Please read our Privacy statements, and refunds policy bellow.

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Online Wild Fire Courses
At you can find all your needs for wild fire training. We offer S100 A Rectification Courses fully administered online. We also Offer a new S100 course combining the simplicity of the internet, and in person instruction. We Also offer S185 Training completely online..

Special Group Rates
We offer special rates to large groups and First nations Communities. For both online and in person training. Please contact us for pricing, and more information on how we can help your with your training solutions.
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