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Iverson Forest Management
Duncan, BC, Canada

Phone: (250) 715-1037
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Paridise Bluff Road

Iverson Forest Management Inc

Road Resource Planning

At Iverson Forest Management Inc., we take pride in providing high quality forest engineering services to our industry and government clients. Many of our engineering projects are Full Phase, spanning from initial cut block reconnaissance to final cutting permit submission. We employ a dedicated staff of professionals, including biologists, engineers, foresters, geoscientists, and archaeologists whom offer a complete package of engineering services. At IFMI, we work closely with our clients to develop cost effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our dedicated team of RPF's, RFT's, TFT, GIS technicians have many years experience working in the forest industry designing and planning resource roads. We look after all of your needs from road reconnaissance, road designs, and spatial mapping with ArcGIS. We have the skilled staff and tools to help you develop the resource roads you require, no matter the type or resource (forestry, remote resorts, access roads, and many other road types). We have the experience and expertise our clients require.

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Iverson Forest Management prides itself on having the largest Initial Attack Fire Crew on the coast. All our fire fighters are trained in all aspects of fire suppression and forest health.

Forest Engineering

Iverson Forest Management offers a wide variety of Forest Engineering Services. We do everything from traversing, block layout, road planning, bridge planning. We can take care off all your forest management needs both on private land and urban development.

Property Management

Iverson Forest Management utilizes a team of dedicated professionals to help develop the right management plan for your property. We can help with fire smarting, fire protection, to harvesting resources. Our team of Professionals will help find the best answer for all your needs.

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Current Projects

BCTS Forest Management
We are currently managing over x amount of hectares for BCTS. We look after everything from block layout to ECAS submissions.

Special Management Projects
Iverson Forest Management is currently working with the District of Nianaimo in helping to develop Urban fire abatement programs, as well as helping to reduce the Cities chances of urban forest fires.